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SNAIL Meetings - Speakers

You can find information on upcoming and past SNAIL meetings here.

February 6 2020 Elaine Manley, Women's League of Voters, past President of the Sunnyvale Cupertino Chapter Upcoming Presidential Primaries and the City Ballot Propositions. Location: Columbia Middle School Staff Lounge Time: 7:00 p.m. - Look for the SNAIL sign
January 9 2020 Otto Lee, Registered Patent Attorney, veteran and former Mayor of Sunnyvale Otto will be sharing with us "County Maps and Elections, why should we care?" Location: Columbia Middle School Staff Lounge Time: 7:00 p.m. - Look for the SNAIL sign
December 5 2019 Bailey Hall, Environmental Programs Specialist, City of Sunnyvale Bailey Hall will share with us Best Tips for Recycling during the Holidays. Location: Columbia Middle School Staff Lounge Time: 7:00 p.m. - Look for the SNAIL sign
November 7 2019 Jim Reynolds, Vice President, Heritage Park Museum Jim Reynolds will share with SNAIL Members the proposed addition to expand the Heritage Park Museum, the Programs, Exhibits, and various upcoming Events hosted at the Sunnyvale Heritage Park Museum. ( Location: Columbia Middle School Staff Lounge Time: 7:00 p.m. - Look for the SNAIL sign
October 3 2019 John Cordes, Sunnyvale BPAC member What is the Sunnyvale Active Transportation Plan (ATP) and why should you care? Sunnyvale is creating its first ATP by combining updates to its Bicycle Master Plan, Pedestrian Safety Plan and Safe Routes to School Plan into one. This is a once in a decade update that will guide how Sunnyvale makes our streets safer for students and people walking and bicycling for the next 10 years. Come learn about the overall project plan and how you can provide input. Download his presentation (pdf).
September 5 2019 Travis Duncan, Development Project Manager SARES|REGIS Travis will update us on the status of the Sunnyvale Downtown redevelopment.
June 6 2019 Linda Davis, has many years of experience in helping voters understand complex ballot measures and is currently leading an effort to increase awareness of district election options. Electing the City Council - Linda Davis will help us compare two alternatives for District Elections in Sunnyvale, she will address the impacts and trade-offs of different ways to elect the City Council.
Learn more about the district elections by visiting this page:
Share your thoughts on this anonymous survey page:
After collecting community feedback, the council will determine how a charter amendment should be worded and what the new district election system would look like, including how many districts the city would be divided into and whether the mayor should be elected by everyone. Decision at Council meeting scheduled on June 18.
May 2 2019 Chief Phan Ngo,
Captain Jeffrey Hunter,
Lieutenant Jose Ramirez,

Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety
They will talk about crime trends and give tips to the residents on keeping their homes safe. Download their presentation (pdf).
April 11 2019 Katie Barnes, Garden Coordinator, Charles Street Gardens Katie will share with us some of her tips and tricks for spring planting warm season crops
March 7 2019 Judy Pavlick, founder of the Sunnyvale Mobile Home Park Alliance Judy will address Affordable Housing - an alternative worth understanding & fighting for.

One of the still somewhat affordable housing options are mobile homes. Come and find out:
  • The difference in Apartment Rent vs Mobile Home Rent;
  • How they differ from your "stick built" home;
  • How they were used in history;
  • See what they look like inside, and
  • Find out how to help protect this affordable housing.
February 7 2019 Susan Castillo, Program Manager
House Sharing Program

Heather Pham, Case Manager
House Sharing Program

Emergency Programs & Housing Services Division
Catholic Charities Of Santa Clara County
Susan and Heather shared with us:
  • how County of Santa Clara residents are being matched to take advantage of existing housing stock at affordable rental prices
  • how homeowner or home renter could personally be a part of the County's Housing Solution
To view the House Sharing Program presentation, and answers Download their presentation (pdf).
January 10 2019 Kent Stephens, City Manager Kent addressed the Sunnyvale Study Issue process. To view Kent's presentation, and answers to:
  • What are the current 2019 proposed study sessions?
  • When are the various review meetings for study issues scheduled during 2019?
  • How to get involved and what can we expect in 2019?
Download his presentation (pdf).
January 10 2019 Jaqui Guzman, Deputy City Manager Addressed what the City is doing for the consideration of district-based elections and the potential change to City Council. Visit the City's page on District Elections to learn more about this important change coming to Sunnyvale.