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SNAIL - A Neighborhood Organization
In the heart of Sunnyvale, California

Welcome SNAILs!

Welcome to SNAIL - a neighborhood organization comprised of nearly 1,500 homes located in the north-central part of Sunnyvale, between Hwy 101, Maude, Mathilda, and Fair Oaks Avenues.

Our purpose is to renew that "old-fashioned neighborhood" feeling in our area, to be better informed about the city services that are available to us, and to provide a "united voice" with which to express our concerns to the City of Sunnyvale.


SNAIL Monthly Meeting

NOTE: changed date and location!

Columbia Middle School Staff Lounge LIBRARY
Thursday April 11th at 7:00pm
Look for the SNAIL sign
Katie Barnes, Garden Coordinator at Charles Street Gardens. Katie will share with us some of her tips and tricks for spring planting warm season crops.

SNAIL Newsletter

The April 2019 SNAIL Newsletter is ready for download!

Upcoming Events

SNAIL Dinner Night Out
Off the Rails Brewing Co.
Postponed due to conflict with SNAIL meeting!
Thursday April 11th at 7pm
111 S.Murphy Ave.

Serve Dinner at the Homeless Shelter
Wednesday Apr 10
Wednesday May 1, 8
Wednesday Jun 5, 12
Contact Valérie Suarès at (408) 390-3335

For more information or to RSVP, check out the April Newsletter.


April Showers!'

Yahoo! Groups For SNAIL Residents and Homeowners

SNAILorg Newsgroup

SNAILChitChat Newsgroup

To request membership in these groups, please send an email to:
SNAILgroups @ snail . org

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Speakers' Corner

You can find information on upcoming and past SNAIL meetings here.

The Sunnyvale Sun

Our local newspaper is The Sunnyvale Sun.

Upcoming Events | Newsletter Archive | Bylaws | Standing Rules | Contacts

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