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SNAIL - A Neighborhood Organization
In the heart of Sunnyvale, California

Welcome SNAILs!

Welcome to SNAIL - a neighborhood organization comprised of nearly 1,500 homes located in the north-central part of Sunnyvale, between Hwy 101, Maude, Mathilda, and Fair Oaks Avenues.

Our purpose is to renew that "old-fashioned neighborhood" feeling in our area, to be better informed about the city services that are available to us, and to provide a "united voice" with which to express our concerns to the City of Sunnyvale.


SNAIL Monthly Meeting

Columbia Middle School Staff Lounge
Thursday January 6th at 7:00pm
On Zoom!
(see Newsletter)

SNAIL Newsletter

The January 2022 SNAIL Newsletter is ready for download!

Upcoming Events

SNAIL Red Bows for the holidays One of the larger trees in SNAIL decorated with a Red Bow

Our next community involvement opportunity is the well-loved “Red Bow” event, when SNAIL Volunteers decorate our neighborhood for the Winter festivals by wrapping a big Red Bow around most of the 1,000 trees in SNAIL. Red bows will go up the first weekend of December and will remain there until the second weekend of January.
To know if your street has a Red Bow coordinator, if you wish to volunteer, or if you need new bows for your street, please contact our Treasurer, Patsy for more information at SNAILtreasurer@snail.org or by calling Patsy directly at 408 - 830 - 0097.
Additional details can be found in the November issue of the SNAIL Newsletter.

SNAIL Little Free Libraries Map of Little Free Library locations in SNAIL

To download the Little Free Library Map and Brochure click here or click the map image above.

How to Print it:
To print the Little Free Library Map and Brochure in landscape format on a printer that can print double sided:

  • In the settings, select: Print on both sides
  • Select: Flip sheets on the Short Edge
  • Print both pages in one step

To print the Little Free Library Map and Brochure in on a printer that can only print one page at a time (single sided):
  • Print page 1
  • Flip the page by the short side
  • Manually feed the page or insert on top of the paper tray
  • Print page 2

For more information or to RSVP, please check out the January Newsletter.

Important News

The City's Redistricting Commission needs YOUR input on drawing new City Council district boundaries. Sunnyvale must redraw its six council districts using new 2020 Census data. The Redistricting Commission needs your input to recommend maps for City Council approval. Tell them what neighborhoods and communities should remain together to elect a Council member.

Draw your community using an online tool. This online tool allows you to select an area in the City you consider a community of interest. You can also view layers of information like neighborhood associations and school district boundaries.

SNAIL- A Strong Indivisible Community of Interest(PDF)

View and comment on community of interest submissions. This tool shows you the communities of interest drawn by other residents. You can like or make comments on these submissions.

Attend the next Redistricting Commission Hearing. The Redistricting Commission will review public input and take public comment. Share your feedback with them.

Upcoming meetings

  • Jan. 13, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. - Joint Meeting with City Council to Review Map Submission, immediately followed by Redistricting Commission meeting to narrow to three to five focus maps (Hearing 4)
  • Jan. 20, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. - Community Feedback and Map Preferences Workshop
  • Feb. 10, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. - Selection of three to five Maps for Recommendation to Council (Hearing 5)

*For translation or interpretation support, contact Jaqui Guzmán.
Para apoyo en Español, comuníquese con Jaqui Guzmán.
如需中文支持,請聯繫Jaqui Guzmán.


SNAIL Traffic Safety Video
to support the requests for changes and improvements on Borregas, Morse and Duane.

Watch the Video (Dropbox).
Read the Letter (PDF).

The video was presented to Council on August 25, 2020 to demonstrate serious and growing traffic issues within the SNAIL neighborhood. For years SNAIL residents submitted their concerns to the city, and nothing has changed, not a single suggestion or idea has been implemented. This 3-minute video should speak louder than words. It was intended to shock and generate some reactions from Council members and City Staff. A series of CD Roms with the video and its accompanying letter were dropped off to the following folks at the city:

  • City Council
  • City Clerk - David Carnahan
  • City Manager - Ken Steffens
  • DPS Chief - Chief Ngo
  • Staff person for the Active Transportation Plan - Lillian Tsang
  • Staff department manager for the Active Transportation Plan - Dennis Ng
  • Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee

Join your SNAIL neighbors on Nextdoor!
Click here to sign-up.

Yahoo! Groups have been discontinued, however email forwarding for SNAILorg and SNAILchitchat is still provided by Yahoo.

To request membership in these groups, please send an email to:
SNAILgroups @ snail . org

Speakers' Corner

You can find information on upcoming and past SNAIL meetings here.

The Sunnyvale Sun

Our local newspaper is The Sunnyvale Sun.

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